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Cats’ training. All questions answered. Day 1



Would you like to deal with cat aggression problems successfully and teach your cat to go to it’s litter box and not on your carpet?! Could you imagine, having a cat, who obeys your commands, who knows how to jump through the hoop and fetch it’s toys to you for game?! Could you imagine all of the astonishment of your friends and neighbours?

Here are the answers for many questions you might have about training of your cat, spending not much time and having great fun!

But first – some basics!

In the 1st part of the article about cats training I will give you some basic knowledge you need to have in order to teach your cat successfully.

It is well known, that during wild animals training, very often is used method of negative reinforcement action and this method was proven to be not very effective. Because of this, in most cases may be used method of positive reinforcement action. Cats, as all other animals are very reluctant to the first method mentioned above. You will never train any cat to walk beside you if you take it on the leash and use force to control your cat!

Cat willingly responds to the person who is training this cat and treating it with respect and love. And they could trust one person and obey his or her commands with pleasure, and to other person they could be suspicious and ignore his or her at all. If cat is afraid of someone or hostile to that person, this person will never be able to teach the cat the simplest things and commands! In this case even all delicacies in the world will not be in help! Cat can not be bribed! Only with respect and love to your pet you may deserve it’s trust.

Before commencing cat’s training you have to observe and study your cat’s behaviour. When you define natural inclination of your cat and what games it likes to play, you may decide which exercises and tricks you will teach your cat. If, for example, it jumps with pleasure from table to cupboard and back, you easily can teach your cat jump to your shoulder or on the stand, using special command. Using positive reinforcement action you may even teach your cat jump over the hurdle or through the hoop!

If your cat loves to carry toys in its mouth, you may easily teach your cat fetch things thrown by you!

Your cat training must be phased, and by the way, on the first stage of the training, the main and most important factor, that define success is your patience. You must wait till your cat itself, sometimes absolutely accidentally, carries out that action, you have been waiting for! And when this action is performed, exactly in that moment you have to make special command your prepared beforehand in such a way, to combine it with your cat’s action and sounding of this command. After this you have to compliment and reward your pet straight away!

Training your cat, you have to bear in mind, that cat, even if it is very obedient to you, always learn only those things and commands which want to master itself, only those things, that comply with its needs and give pleasure to it!

And you need to consider, that cats perfectly respond to sound signals, and they are able to apprehend up to 50 human words. Of course, they don’t understand meaning of these words, but learn very well, by which word you call your cat to go for a walk, to play, to eat, and which words represent prohibition and your indignation. Many cats love, when they have been complimented. They catch appropriate intonations in humans’ speech. And if your compliment supplemented with tender touch, sometimes it is more than enough to make your cat to carry out your commands again and again!

Some cats accept only some kind of delicacy. In this case, the most tasty pieces must be divided by smaller parts. Having smaller piece of delicacy, which you use to reward your cat, you may force cat to perform action you want to teach it more times.

As a delicacy you may use:

  • vitamin pill,

  • piece of food from cat’s diet,

  • small cube of cheese,

  • meat ball,

  • piece of hard-boiled egg,

  • piece of boiled fish without bones,

  • piece of boiled skinless chicken without bones…

But, you need to know, that any cat, earlier or later will refuse to accept this delicacy, because of natural satiety.

In part 2 of this article we will continue to discuss further issues about cat’s behaviour and training and later I will give you practical examples how to teach your cat few commands and actions.

To learn more about how to train your cat successfully and correct it’s behaviour visit this website which includes the top cats’ health and dietary solutions, books from the leading experts, and training programs on the Internet for download:


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